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What is a mortgage health check?

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I have always offered my clients an annual review of their loans as part of the service provided which I suppose you could call a mortgage health check. Mortgage health checks are free of charge and normally involve minimal time on your behalf. It would involve undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your current loan by comparing it across a range of mortgage products that are available. We would then share with you any potential ways we have uncovered for you to save money and time. A health check doesn’t mean you will have to refinance your loan; it can be as simple as restructuring with the same lender. Banks and lenders are constantly enhancing and fine-tuning their product range, which means there is often a cheaper or more efficient product provided by the same lender. In situations where refinancing is the better option, we can help minimise the effort, time and expense that is often involved in moving from one lender to another. As part of this process we will help you weigh up any fees and other costs associated with switching your loan and take it all into consideration. A mortgage broker will be able to offer a wider perspective as they can compare your loan with many lenders. 


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