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What can I claim as a rental expense on my tax return?

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Well unfortunately or fortunately whichever way you wish to look at it I am not an accountant and therefore would not be able to answer this question for you. However I liked the question and instead looked up the Australian Taxation Office website www.ato.gov.au which has compiled a list of common mistakes identified in the income tax returns of rental property owners. I thought I could share some of the common mistakes some people make however point out this is not advice and you really need to talk to a good accountant or the ATO. These include claiming the cost of the land component as part of the cost of constructing the rental property which is not allowed. Construction costs as a decline in value of depreciating assets deduction instead of a capital works deduction. Some initial repairs or capital improvements as immediate deductions against the property. The one I liked the most would be deductions for the cost of travel to inspect a property when the main purpose of the trip is to have a holiday. So please just make sure that you are only claiming what you are entitled to and contact either your accountant or the ATO for guidance as to what you can and cannot claim.


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