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The Bank declined my loan can you help?

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It is certainly worth coming in for a chat to see what options we may have available, I will not know if I can obtain an approval until I complete a needs analysis and gather information however recently within the last month we have helped six clients with this exact scenario and it is nice for everybody involved to be able to come up with some options, look at the application and obtain that approval.

I have covered this before and a mortgage broker does a lot more than just process a transaction; we provide advice, service, financial guidance and valuable assistance with negotiating you through the mortgage process and can often save you money by negotiating a better rate with the lender.

We also take the time to listen to your needs and understand your future financial goals. There are so many lenders, products and features to choose from that it helps to have an expert on your side to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each one and an expert that has a large amount of different lenders on their panel and does not actually work for the once financial institution.

Using a mortgage broker can also be the difference between having your finance approved or declined due to the broker having so much knowledge of the many different lenders, loan criteria, policy, borrowing capacities and application systems. This enables us to guide you towards a lender and product that matches your situation. I have so many happy and satisfied clients who had originally been declined by their own bank in the first instance an then luckily someone has recommended my service and after sitting down and looking at their situation I have been able to get the loan approved elsewhere.

Our role is to understand what is important to the clients and then do everything we can to ensure we meet those needs and exceed them. It is often the most significant financial decision that a person will make in their life and you want to ensure that you have somebody with the expertise helping you through that.


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