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How much can I borrow?

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Many of my clients before I have even had the opportunity to sit down and discuss their situation head straight for one of the many calculators available online which comes up with a figure that is unrealistic and often far above what they actually need to borrow.

Sure, you may be able to borrow $600,000, but do you need this much money and can you really afford it?

The reality is that these calculators are only looking at the cold hard figures and do not take into account your personal circumstances, how much of a deposit you have or what your goals are.

To get a true picture of how much you can borrow, you need to sit down with somebody like myself and spend some time going through all the issues and factors involved.

This is particularly important for first homebuyers, who need to be certain that they are taking on a debt that they will be able to service.

Even if the figures show that you cannot afford to take out a loan right at this point of time, do not get upset. You now know what you need and can start looking at ways of working towards your dream of owning home. I have had many clients that I have put on the right track that have purchased their home 12 months later once they have satisfied all of the requirements and more importantly can actually afford it.


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