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How do I know if I qualify for a home loan?

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You can never be 100% certain however after sitting down with me and going through your current situation and needs based around that situation I would normally have a good idea and be able to give you some advice moving forward. What is great about using a mortgage broker is that we have a lot of different lenders and many options that we may be able to match to your circumstance. Only this week I had a client from Melbourne that was purchasing locally, his Credit Union had declined the loan and he had made another application with a major lender who also had indicated it would be declined due to the property zoning. The local Real Estate agent referred them to me and I was able to use my local knowledge in securing a loan through a lender that was at a significantly better deal than both of the previous offers that had been declined. So basically I would be in a reasonable position to give advice on the likelihood of the loan being approved after our initial interview.


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