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Do you have a loan with a low initial interest rate?

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Among the many home loan options available, some lenders are now offering home loans with a low introductory interest rate. These have become known as honeymoon rate home loans.

Many borrowers find the idea attractive, as the honeymoon rate home loan offers a substantially lower interest rate for a set introductory period of around six to twelve months. We currently have a loan available with a 3 year honeymoon period and after this initial term is completed, the interest rate generally reverts to the standard variable rate offered by that lender.

In all circumstances it is wise to look at all the options available and the effect that will have over the term of the loan via a comparison rate. It is good to sit down and go over your requirements as to what you want from your loan by way of features to ensure this will be suitable.

The length of the introductory rate, the introductory interest rate itself and the interest rate you pay once the initial period ends will depend on your chosen lender. It's worth shopping around, as different lenders offer substantially different honeymoon rate products or of course you can have your mortgage broker do this work for you.


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