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Can I fix my current home loan?

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Almost all lenders that I am aware of will offer a fixed rate loan product within their suite of products. They also will allow you to switch from a variable rate to a fixed however different lenders have varying degrees of difficulty and cost in order to do this. Some lenders only require a phone call whilst other lenders require paperwork to be completed again. Almost all lenders will charge a fee in order to have it done. So to answer your question, if you just touch base with your mortgage broker and enquire on the costs of switching to a fixed rate it should very well be possible. The best option is to examine your personal situation individually with your current lender or mortgage broker to make the best decision for your own circumstances however currently the banks have some very good fixed rates available. It would probably be advisable to sit down with your mortgage broker and complete a new and current needs analysis to discuss options that would be suit your circumstances.


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